Welcome to ZippyScarf! I specialize in making cozy, handcrafted scarves that have a pocket, with a zipper sewn into them, to keep items safe & handy. I use a ZippyScarf myself and know they are useful. I am the sole scarf creator in this Aftcra shop and will do my best work for you. Thank you for your business!

Payment Policy

ZippyScarf accepts paypal and major credit cards. PayPal orders will ship after payment has cleared.

Shipping Policy

I prefer to ship via USPS. If items are in stock, I try to ship the next day or the same day if possible. If items are not in stock, they should be ready to ship within a few days. I'll mail to the address exactly as you have submitted.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Returns will be honored if items are returned in new condition. The return is within 14 days from the original shipping date. Shipping charges are the buyers responsibility. Please contact me before you return the item.

Contact Information

Please contact me at if you have any other questions regarding ZippyScarf.

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