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Art is my passion. In my first few years of college I took several art classes in pursuit of an art minor. Later when I transferred to a new school to pursue computer programming I found a new way to filter my creativity: etsy. I started out my etsy journey by sketching pictures and then editing them on my little laptop. A little later on, I discovered that knitting was a fun hobby. I learned one day how to knit by watching a video on youtube about how to make a circle scarf. I have been knitting scarves and hats ever since. I also discovered that cement is a really fun and exciting medium to create jewelry with. I first tried to create some pieces using cardboard and paper molds. This method produced some pretty unfortunate pieces of cement. After many attempts and me nearly giving up on the idea of actually creating something that would look good, I have finally found an effective method to make these little cement wonders. I keep finding new and interesting ways to create new items of jewelry. I hope you enjoy my random assortment of things I have created and/or designed.