Upcycled Teal Tshirt "Body Project" Pillow with Black Fringe
Sadly, not every printed Zany Du t-shirt makes it into the final round. Some get goobers, some I didn't push the squeegee hard enough, some just fall on the dirty floor. Screenprinting is definitely a learning processes, but it is my mission to waste as little as possible during my explorations. Every little bit of t-shirt gets turned into something else and this pillow is no exception! Reused from shirts I made for The Body Project fundraiser, this 12x12 pillow is as upcycled as it is adorable. The back of the shirt is where the problem lied but the front was peachy keen. The Body Project is for women, and their mission is to create awareness about body-acceptance and self-love in a society where beauty standards and body-type bashing are so prevalent. How could you not want to get involved? $5 from every sale will go back into funding for The Body Project. You can learn more about the project at http://lovebodyproject.wordpress.com and can read more about my process at http://www.zanydudesigns.com/zany-du-blog/