Zannie's Closet

Inspired by Zannie, Created by Mom

Located In
Mesa, AZ
Owned By
Yelijha Durr
Store Details
Loves Crafted Children's Clothes! Inspired by Zannie, Created by Mom Hi Loves! Welcome to Zannie's Closet. Here you will find an amazing collection of handcrafted, designer children's clothes for ages NB to 5-years. You will find everything you need in this one-stop-shop, beautiful closet! With Zannie here inspiring me, I make each breath taking detail by hand. At Zannie's Closet you're sure to find what you're looking for. From trendy, vintage, accessories, and even baby shower gift baskets. Zannie's Closet is here to help! We want your little ones to feel as confident! beautiful! and completely themselves just as much as you do. That is why each handcrafted designer product here is different and allows you some custom options that will suit your child's unique character and style :) When I first started Zannie's Closet I was a single mom. I often found myself going nuts with having to go from store-to-store looking for the right shoes to match an outfit , and then to another store for the accessories just to have something nice for her to wear for holiday's or picture days or just any event we we wanted to attend. I often ended up paying bundles at all three stores trying to find the right items for special occasions. This always turned into a hassle. What I needed was a quality store that served as a one-stop-shop that had everything my little one needed bundled together in one price. That is why at Zannie's Closet you will find select designer outfits for infants and toddler that are beautiful and handcrafted with shoes and accessories to match for ONE price. Your little ones are sure to stand out in the crowd! And look stunning in their photos! We are committed to making your shopping experience with Zannie's Closet like a dream come true! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or if you simply just want to say hello to Zannie :) If there is a problem with your order, no worries we are always here to help. Contact us immediately so that we can resolve all issues.
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