Youphoria Aromatics

Artisan Aromatherapy for Beauty, Wellness, & Balance

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Smyrna, GA
Owned By
Toni Beauchamp
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Our products are always 100% natural, and lovingly created with care for all life on our beautiful planet. We make each product to order and only use Vegan, Kosher Certified essential oils and the highest quality, ethically-sourced ingredients we have been able to locate. Did you know that Subtle Aromatherapy is a different branch of aromatherapy and is great for balancing the human energy field and the chakra system? Our Subtle Aromatherapy line is a leading-edge aromatherapy modality, created in 2004 by Reiki Master, Toni Beauchamp. For every synergy offered, each essential oil has been muscle tested for efficacy, using kinesiology. Then the product is treated with Reiki to enhance and amplify the effects it was created for. These synergies are not blended based on scent but rather for clearing and balancing a specific energetic pattern. It is possible that a person may experience a strong emotional reaction to the blend, either through attraction or otherwise. Toni finds that this reaction can indicate that there is an energetic shift that the blend can facilitate. In this case, we advise reading through the descriptions to see what gift of healing the particular essential oil(s) lends to the issue. Please be aware that altering our formulas will change the energetic effect of the synergy. Use your intuition for guidance as you use our synergies as they have powerful effects on our energetic system! The more you use these products, the more the subtle aromatherapy properties are infused into your energy field, correcting the imbalance they were created to address. See for yourself how aromatherapy can help you facilitate new levels of radiant health flowing freely through body, mind, and spirit! OUR CHARITIBLE CAUSE: We support Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) for the wild cats we have discovered in our neighborhood. A portion of all our sales purchases food for the feral kitties that have discovered we serve organic at our kitty buffet, and, when we are able to trap, we take the cat to the vet for spay/neuter and shots. Thanks so much for your support!
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