Yellow Tree Chalk Style Paint
NO prep work or priming on most surfaces, remove any loose paint or dirt. Latex based, no VOC, and water clean up. How to use Yellow Tree chalk style paint: 1. After you have selected the perfect color for your project, begin by cleaning your project piece. Shake jar & then stir paint as ingredients can settle at bottom of jar. 2. Grab paint brush and begin painting. Follow grain of wood, if applicable and try to use an even amount of paint on brush. Apply second coat if needed. 3. If you are happy with paint job, then you are done. If you want to give your project piece a distressed look, then grab some sandpaper. Recommend 220 grit sandpaper. (The lower the number, the rougher it is.) This is a good grade. Start sanding and can give it as much or as little distressing as you like. We prefer to always do edges and where natural distressing would occur. If you do take off too much and don't like how it looks, can always paint over area and start again. 4. Clean brush with warm and soapy water. *Most pieces will take two coats for complete coverage. If you want another coat, feel free to keep painting.The longer the lid stays off paint, the thicker it will get. You can add drops of water to thin out if needed. 16 oz (pint) Coverage: Up to 70 sq. ft **This coverage is an estimate only. Each project is different depending on type of material being painted and existing surfaces. Project pieces painted in Yellow Tree chalk style paint will need a protective finish. Check out our Satin Finish and waxes! We also offer the paint brushes that we use! Each order will be mailed with a Yellow Tree "How-To" sheet ...created and used by furniture painters You can find us on facebook at Picket Fence- white Home- off white Roots- soft green Native- tan Wicked- black Twister- dark gray Disguise- light gray Smooch- deep red Hush- light pink Twinkle toes- hot pink Cowboy- orange Daydreamer- mustard yellow Gypsy- turquoise Uncle Earl's Truck- dark teal Oklahoma Sky- light blue Anchors Away- deep blue Fishin' in the Dark- navy