All sales are final, please contact me if you have questions or concerns regarding the item you want to purchase. Items are ready to ship out, and ship out within 1 to 3 days from purchase they will include tracking. Insurance, signatures are upgrades. Outside of the US buyers: contact me with country and address its shipping to in order for calculations to be made.

Payment Policy

PAYMENT TYPE: Is processed thru PayPal meaning paypal collects payment. But you can pay with credit card or PayPal, you don't need a PayPal account. FULL PAYMENT IS REQUIRED: Ready to wear and Custom Orders Require full payment and turn around time starts when payment is received. E-check PAYMENTS items will not ship out until it has cleared. It takes between 6 to 10 days to clear. PRICE CHANGES: Please be aware that prices on items will change as material cost goes up, some items maybe on an introductory price and than go to their original price. Estimates given for custom orders are good for 1 week after that it may or may not be the same. Items will sale for current listed price. PRICES: Are calculated based on materials used, time it takes to make the item, intricacy of the Design, a rush, special ordered materials if they are not in stock.

Shipping Policy

SHIPPING COSTS: include shipping and handling which includes the cost of the shipping label and of all packaging involved. Please make sure your information on upon CHECKOUT is up to date and completely filled out correctly. Address entered must be address its shipping to. SHIPPING varies with PAYMENT PROCESS E-check PAYMENTS: items will not ship out until it has cleared. UNITED STATES SHIPPING: -USPS REGULAR: takes between 3 to 5 business days $5.00 -USPS PRIORITY: takes between 2 to 3 business days $9.00 -USPS EXPRESS: takes between next day to 2 days (guaranteed) (all can be tracked within the US) $22.50 All of these time estimates are what the USPS lists and I cannot make any guarantees since I don't have control over USPS. SHIPPING OUT OF THE UNITED STATES: Please contact me before purchasing with address to calculate shipping costs for your country. -safest way is express because it can be tracked or FEDEX Please note you may be charged an additional customs fee to import goods into your country. These fees are your responsibility to pay, these are not included in the price -USPS PRIORITY: takes between 2 weeks (but can take up to 4 weeks) no tracking available -USPS EXPRESS: takes about 6 to 1 week business days, item can be tracked. Customs may hold your item for additional payment. Please note shipping timelines are estimates given by the USPS All packages leave the US within 2 days from there they have to go through customs than your postal service the 2 weeks and 6 days is the time it takes once your package has made it to your post office, it does not include time it takes to CLEAR CUSTOMS. Customs unfortunately don't always scran in packages and it may take days or even a month before packages clear customs. Please check with your CUSTOMS for any fees or restrictions before making your purchase I am NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS NOT MAKING YOUR TIMELINE since it is completely out of my hands. . LOST MAIL OR DAMAGED ITEMS, LATE ITEMS: I am not responsible for LOST MAIL or DAMAGED ITEMS or late items since I have no control over that. I offer 3 different ways of shipping so you can choose which best fits your budget, and needs. I will never ship out a damaged item they ship in perfect condition and I do my best to package it correctly. If your item is damage please contact me day of delivery to discuss options to fix the item. ITEMS SHIP OUT IN: Sashes and some headpieces: ship priority boxes Most other items ship in jewelry boxes in bubble shipping envelopes Veils ship out in bubble envelopes COST OF UPGRADE SHIPPING Shipping depends on the item and number of items and weight. Please contact me Prior to purchasing. SIGNATURE REQUIREMENT INSURANCE Signature requirements and insurance are upgrades and require additional payment. Please note we are not responsible for any damage or lost packages once it's mailed out. -How ever I am always happy to help repair it myself or if you prefer I can let you know how it can be repaired. You must contact me the day it is delivered if any damage is done please include a picture of the damage as well.

Refund & Exchange Policy

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an item you want to purchase please contact me or email me before purchasing you can email me at before purchasing. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, no refunds, no exchanges, If you are International buyer, I am not responsible for any additional fees or duties owed. You have 1 HOUR TO CANCEL AN ORDER: To cancel an order you must contact me within that 1 hour asking for order to be cancelled also email me at and let me know you will need to cancel your order. A $2.00 cancelation fee will be applied because of the work it takes to cancel an order. -I process READY TO SHIP OUT orders right way. Once your item has shipped it cannot be cancelled, custom order or made to orders that have been started can not be cancelled. If you have any doubts or questions please address them with me prior to making your purchase. Thank you -RETURNED PACKAGES FROM USPS: any pack that is returned because of an incorrect address, incomplete address or not pick-up or any other reason by USPS will not receive a refund. You can have the package re-shipped once the problem has been corrected and you are responsible for the new shipping label cost. For International packages same applies. You have 1 week to make arrangements for payment and shipping back. Please note order is final. If after a week you have not made arrangements for re-shipping item will be forfeited no refund or item will be given.

Other Policies

COLOR MATCHING: Please be ADVISED: Colors of fabrics and materials vary from manufacturer therefore some Ivories, Whites and other colors may vary in shades from other Bridal designers and from your swatches. All sales are final, you are welcome to send a swatch to match up colors prior to purchasing. Colors on postings may appear a certain hue, every computer screen has its own settings and color can vary from mine, also depending on the lighting used for the photo. If you really want something to match please send me a swatch and I will do my best to help you with that. SWATCHES: when available can be shipped out for $6.00 CUSTOM ORDERS: Custom orders: have a minimum of $50.00 allow 2 to 6 weeks to be made and finished. Once an order is complete you will be notified with pictures for approval, approval or a respond needs to happen within 3 days if no response was given than I will take that as an okay and your item will ship out. If you bought a custom order you will receive a picture of the exact item that is being sent out to you via e-mail. I personally package every item and make sure there is no damage to it. As mentioned before once its been shipped we are not responsible for any damage. You will be given 3 different options for custom orders process: -1 will include swatches and colors samples mailed to you, so you can choose materials, also include update progress picture with option to make some changes, and final pictures once finished. -2 will include will include swatches and colors samples photos and emailed, so you can choose materials, also include update progress picture with option to make some changes, and final pictures once finished. -3 will include swatches and colors samples pictured and emailed, so you can choose materials, final pictures once finished. CUSTOM ORDER INFORMATION NEEDED: Brides I know it is not easy buying on-line but I will do my best to help you through the process. It helps if you give me as much information when you contact me please let me know the following: -color -wedding date -are you in the US or out of the US -size -materials -embellishments

Contact Information

Best way to contact me is email, You can always contact me via email: SHOP HOURS : Pacific standard time M-F 9am-5pm I respond to all emails same day, please check your email often. I can respond right way to an hour between the hours of 9am to 5pm. After those hours I will respond same day or for sure by the next day. Weekends: Allow response to be given on Monday for sure, if I can respond sooner I will. Please include as much information as possible so I can better respond to you and help.

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