18 XRAY MARKER Washable Adhesive Strips
You get 18 of the very popular, blue X-Ray Marker adhesive strips. --> Order today and receive another one FREE :) This is the regular strength, thin version. Not recommended for aluminum markers or unframed resin. For the world's strongest and best marker adhesive, visit our listing on Radhesive Strips. The strips are larger than some x-ray markers. You may need to trim it to your desired size. (Tip: If you have small markers, cut the strips into 2 and end up with 36) ————————————————————— [ PRODUCT FEATURES ] ————————————————————— ✦ Individual dimensions 1.5" by .75" ✦ Water Friendly - Wash it as you please - Infection Prevention ✦ Reusable - When losing grip, simply wash and continue using. ✦ Our signature First Class shipping and same day order fulfillment. ✦ Local Business - Ships from NM, USA. ————————————————————— [ USAGE INSTRUCTIONS ] ————————————————————— 1. Trim the adhesive strip to the required size if it is larger than your x-ray marker. 2. Clean your x-ray marker to remove any dirt and grease before application. 3. Remove the protective film on one side of the adhesive and press the adhesive to the x-ray marker 4. Peel the other side of the adhesive strip Works best on non-aluminum markers. ————————————————————— [ FULFILLMENT AND SHIPPING TIME ] ————————————————————— ♦ Orders are packaged and shipped the same day ♦ Shipping takes 1 - 3 business days for delivery. ♦ Shipping for each additional item is Free On Saturday, orders must be in by 1 PM to ship the same day.