10 Max Strength MARKER ADHESIVES, Radhesive™ Strips
You get 5 Sets (Five packets) of Radhesive™ Strips. --> Order today and receive a FREE regular x-ray adhesive for comparison :) Radhesive™ Strips are the World’s Strongest and Most Durable X-ray Marker Washable Adhesive. It’s the best x-ray adhesive we have and the one we personally use. Please Watch: RADHESIVE™ STRIPS PROMO VIDEO https://youtu.be/SiAmrVaoa9U Holding Aluminum Mug Full of Water https://youtu.be/dyVNkfVqMJY How to Use: https://youtu.be/kaTMGjqS4KY The strips are larger than some x-ray markers. You may need to trim it to the desired size. (Tip: If you have small markers, cut the strips into 2 and end up with 20) ————————————————————— [ PRODUCT FEATURES ] ————————————————————— ✦ Individual dimensions 1.5" by .75" ✦ Industry Specific Purpose - Not a secondary function of another product. ✦ Increased Thickness & Durability - Highly Dependable ✦ Improved design sticks strongly to aluminum markers ✦ Water Friendly - Wash it as you please - Infection Prevention ✦ Maximum Strength & Adjustable Levels of Grip - Convenience and ease of use. ✦ Reusable - When losing grip, simply wash and continue using. ✦ Our signature First Class shipping and same day order fulfillment. ✦ Local Business - Ships from NM, USA. ————————————————————— [ USAGE INSTRUCTIONS ] ————————————————————— 1. Trim the adhesive strip to the required size if it is larger than your x-ray marker. 2. Clean your x-ray marker to remove any dirt and grease before application. 3. Remove the protective film on one side of the adhesive and press the adhesive to the x-ray marker 4. Peel the other side of the adhesive strip ————————————————————— [ FULFILLMENT AND SHIPPING TIME ] ————————————————————— ♦ Orders are packaged and shipped the same day. ♦ Shipping takes 1 - 3 business days for delivery. ♦ Shipping for each additional item is only $0.50 On Saturday, orders must be in by 1 PM to leave the same day. Ships First Class USPS