10 Max Strength MARKER ADHESIVES, Radhesive™ Strips
These 10 Radhesive ™ Strips ship the Same Day with USPS Tracking and added insurance. X-Ray Techs have a very demanding job that can be emotionally-draining as well as immensely rewarding. That special patient who is appreciative, positive and wants to take part in their healthcare by cooperating with you, the person who says "thank you" or "you did a great job" really brightens the day and makes it all worth it. We understand the challenges Rad Tech's face and make an effort to alleviate them by providing the highest quality products and free refresher lectures. You get 10 Radhesive ™ Strips. This is our Extra Strong and Durable X-Ray Marker Washable Adhesive. It's the best x-ray adhesive we have and the one we personally use. - Convenient and easy to use - Clean with water or wipes - Super Strong - Stick markers anywhere - Sticks to surfaces other washable strips don't - Dab on scrubs to reduce strength to your liking - Perfect for aluminum, resin, and plastic markers See one strip hold a Merrill's Textbook and other objects, here: https://youtu.be/-awTBs3HE5E The only washable adhesive that we know works with Aluminum Markers. See it hold a suspended Aluminum Mug full of Water: https://youtu.be/dyVNkfVqMJY?t=25s If the adhesive is too strong, dab it on your clothing until it holds just right. See: https://youtu.be/kaTMGjqS4KY?t=3m48s See it dipped in Salsa and work like new after a quick rinse: https://youtu.be/kaTMGjqS4KY?t=4m16s The listing includes 10 strips that are larger than some x-ray markers. You may need to trim it to the desired size. (Tip: If you have small markers, cut the strip into 2 and end up with 20) ————————————————————— [ PRODUCT FEATURES ] ————————————————————— ✦ Individual dimensions 1.5" by .75" ✦ Industry Specific Purpose - Not a secondary function of another product. ✦ Increased Thickness & Durability - Highly Dependable ✦ Improved design sticks strongly to aluminum markers ✦ Water Friendly - Wash it as you please - Infection Prevention ✦ Maximum Strength & Adjustable Levels of Grip - Convenience and ease of use. ✦ Reusable - When losing grip, simply wash and continue using. ✦ Our signature First Class shipping and same day order fulfillment. ✦ Local Business - Ships from NM, USA. ————————————————————— [ USAGE INSTRUCTIONS ] ————————————————————— 1. Trim the adhesive strip to the required size if it is larger than your x-ray marker. 2. Clean your x-ray marker to remove any dirt and grease before application. 3. Remove the protective film on one side of the adhesive and press the adhesive to the x-ray marker 4. Peel the other side of the adhesive strip ————————————————————— [ FULFILLMENT AND SHIPPING TIME ] ————————————————————— ♦ Orders are packaged and shipped the same day, if in before 4PM Mountain Time. ♦ Shipping takes 1 - 3 business days for delivery. ♦ Bundled shipping! Each additional item ships FREE International shipping time varies but all orders ship First Class with Tracking and go out the same day if in before 3PM On Saturday must be in by 1 PM