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Handcrafted Tarot Bags, Cloths, Pouches, & More for the Metaphysical Practitioner

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Wyldechilde Creations are designed to suit your own individual style and personality! I was looking for, but I couldn't find, a bag for my own cards that suited my personal style and taste; so, I sat down and came up with the bag design you see here on Aftcra. My goal is to offer you a bag for your own cards that speaks to you; one that you'll love to wrap around your cards. Each item is handcrafted by me in my tiny studio. Because each of these creations is made one at a time, the item you see in the shop is the item you'll receive. If you've seen something here you liked but was purchased by another, or if you've seen a fabric on one item that you'd like with a fabric from another item, please contact me, and I'll do my best to recreate the item you liked, or to create a new item from the fabrics that caught your eye. All of my bags feature: 2 layers of fabric The fabric that touches the cards is always a natural fabric (cotton, silk, wool, hemp, or rayon from bamboo) No unfinished edges Belted for secure closure Most are hand-wash cool water, line dry Snug bag so your card corners don’t get bent Colors and patterns to express your individual taste Custom sizes available Custom orders always welcome. Tell me what you want and I will turn your idea into a one-a-kind creation just for you. The usual turn around for a custom order is 1 to 3 days. *The Wyldechilde Creations belted bag design is copyright protected and may not be copied or recreated.
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