Ancient Armenian Cross Stone Interlace Pattern Candle Holder
This is a unique candle holder featured as its inspired design, traditional Armenian cross stone (khachkar) patterns, with some that date back over a thousand years. The floral discs which symbolize the wheel of eternity, are carved below the ornamental cross on the rectangular stone. Each piece is hand painted and hand finished to stay true to the enduring craftsmanship and skilled labor of carvers of the ancient cross stones of Armenia. As no two khachkars are alike, our candleholders have slight variations in color. A standard 7/8" dripless candle is to be used for the candle holder. The painting technique is intentional to give the piece the desired distressed look. This is hand painted in gold acrylic and black. Abrasive materials should not be used to clean this piece. Included in the price is a beautiful gift box and a glass drip protector to be used while candles are lit to avoid wax spillage. Embellish your wedding tables with traditional and unique Armenian setting. Will take orders ahead of your next event. Please allow for 30 days for orders to be fulfilled. If you have other colors in mind, will work with you to accommodate your color scheme. For more information about cross stones please visit the site: Made in Los Angeles by 3D artist Armen Baghdassarian