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I am a 24 yearold female who loves her life. I live with my boyfriend (Joe) and my lab dog (Riley)! We all live in New york in the USA. Here is my story and how I became to loom kitting and crocheting items and clothing wear, as well as a crafter of many things! In 2018 I was given a set of kitting looms as Christmas present. I started by learning to make hats similar to the ones I sell. I made one for every member of my family for christmas in 2019. Before I could finish many of the hats in 2019 I had a stroke from birth control. I was in the ICU for a week. I was lucky to make it out of the stroke with very little damage to my brain. The only thing really affected was my short term memory. And I was acctually lucky to still be alive, they said if I waited just another hour to go to the hospital I probably would have been dead. After I came out of the icu I was placed on high amounts of blood thinners and wasnt allowed to do much of any normal activities I loved to do. Some of those activities included riding horses. I was living in arizona, usa at the time of my stroke. After some family issues with my fathers side of the family in arizona, I decided to move back home to New York, usa with my mothers side of the family. I was running out of things to keep me occupied and entertained while on the blood thinners. My grandmother saw me struggling to stay busy and saw I liked the loom knitting. She pulled out her crocheting kit and sat down to teach me. Which was a struggle for her most days since she has bad arthritis in both of her hands. It was something I loved doing, I always had tried to imitate her growing up but now was my chance to acctually learn. And I love to carry on old family traditions. ❤ She taught me all the basic stitches and terms I need in a week with a major hat project at the end of the week. My first hat was a candy cane stocking hat for an infant! It took me three tries of making it before I accomplished what acctually resembled a hat!
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