Thirty Six Inches Long Tree Swing Hanging Kit
The Tree Swing hanging kit is two 3 foot long x 2 inches wide woven straps with a loop in each end. The tree swing hanging kits will protect your Tree and make hanging a tree swing easier. Included with the tree swing hanging kit is two 7/16 snap hooks, this is what you fasten rope too. This Tree Swing Hanging Kit is used with the Standard Wood Tree Swing,Deluxe Wood Tree Swing, and the Premier Wood Tree Swing Also these are used for the Toddler Horse Swing, Toddler wood Tree Swing,The Adult Wood Tree Swing,and The Porch or Patio swing There is many more ways this Hanging Kit can be used It can be used for hanging you Porch or patio Swings Wood Tree Swing Hanging Kit has Lifetime Warranty Free shipping for a limited Time