Puppet Theater- wooden table top style
A toy designer for over 40 years, I would like to present my new and innovative line of wooden toys which include "Wood Toys On a Stick" ,"Wooden Whistles with Wheels" , "Puppet Theater" ,"Little Whirligigs" and "Animated Music Boxes. The toy featured is an easy to assemble "Theater" for my "Animated Puppets" or any hand puppet. The theater is uniquely designed to fit on any table top and has an opening at the rear for the child to be able to reach in with his Puppet. . My "Theater" is 18" wide x 12" deep and 13" high, made out of Birch Plywood, and handcrafted here in my workshop in Dyer Indiana. Every toy is shipped with instructions for both care and play. The theater can be easily disassembled and can be stored flat. My grandson and I are designing more "Wood Toys on a Stick" so if you do not see a character you like please check with us next month. We welcome your comments. For a demo video of my Puppet Theater please use the following YouTube video link https://youtu.be/1i4_sQOh-D4 Patent pending.