Ive been in the trades my whole life and love the sense of accomplishment I feel everyday. My two loves are writing music and creating in the wood shop. To me these two hobbies are very similar. When I write my projects can take several forms and usually I don't have a clear objective and tend to follow the song where it takes me. The same thing happens when I work in the shop. Ill start with a basic idea of what I want to achieve and go on a journey with the piece. Everything I make in the shop has to get my personal seal of approval before I list it for sale so rest assured that anything you buy from my shop has been built with pride and passion.

Payment Policy

all major credit cards and PayPal

Shipping Policy

free shipping domestically

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refunds within 30 days

Other Policies

I don't accept cancellations on custom orders.

Contact Information

any questions can be sent to and Ill be in touch as soon as possible

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