Jewelry box made from quilted maple,patagonia rosewood,wenge, pine,and plywood
Some quality quilted maple was used here and partnering it with rosewood makes for a nice subtle contrast.The hardwoods go well together and the banding pattern of the plywood compliments the pair well. Plywood uses domestic hardwoods usually cherry and works really well when crafting these type of boxes. I added some wenge on the drawer pulls between the maple and it adds an extra visual.There is plenty of room for storing jewelry or trinkets and the overall look of the box would make it a great accent on a desk or side table. The box is finished with 4 coats of gloss polyurethane and wet sanded to perfection. The drawers are double flocked.The box measures 6 and a half inches tall x 11 and a quarter inches wide x 5 and a half inches deep.