Bandsaw box made from claro walnut and 250 year old heart pine
A really cool design with some exquisite lumber. I sandwiched some heart pine between two pieces of claro walnut to create this shop original. The claro is is from the crotch of the tree and has incredible figure. I used the sapwood to create some contrast. There is a character crack in the claro which I kept in the piece that is right where the sapwood begins. I filled it super glue to preserve it for generations. The heart pine is from a house that was built in the late 1700s. They were floor boards that can only be gotten from houses built in that era. Heart pine is no longer available commercially due to over harvesting. When the Americas were first settled by Europeans the pine trees were huge and had been growing for hundreds of years. Today the pines don't get to grow long enough to develop the very hard inner core that is heart pine. I have tons of this heart pine and will be doing several projects showcasing it. The pine used here were probably saplings in the 1400s. I finished the box with 4 coats of satin polyurethane and then i rubbed 2 coats of Danish oil for a lustrous finish. The box measures 8 inches wide x 4 and 3 quarter inches tall x 5 inches deep. The drawers are felted. This box is perfect for storing jewelry or trinkets and would make a beautiful accent to any desk or end table.