Tak board and game pieces made from claro walnut, gaboon ebony,and blue acrylic
A real cool and unique tak board. I used claro walnut and inlayed an ebony grid. The diamonds are blue acrylic and add a great visual to the board. I chose the claro for its character and its curly figure. The board come with 60 flatstones and 2 capstones that are made of walnut and maple. The board measures 9 and a half inches and is about an inch thick. I finished the board with 4 coats of satin polyurethane and then rubbed 2 coats of danish oil. The finish is smooth to the touch. I wanted to keep the price down so the game pieces come in a muslin bag. If you want to make this a box set just give me about a week and Ill upgrade it. Tak is a registered trademark of cheapass games and all licensing fees have been paid.