Tak box set made from purple heart,birdseye maple,wenge,and acrylic
A heirloom box set made from quality hard woods. I chose purple heart and birdseye as the dominant species for this set. I wanted to create a board that was more colorful with immense contrast.I used wenge between the squares and for some of the diamonds. The golden diamonds are acrylic. I like to alternate the diamonds and squares so the players can differentiate between whether they are playing a 3,4,5,or 6 ring game. The game pieces are made of purple heart and birdseye also and were made to compliment the board and box. I finished the set in semi gloss and wet sanded to obtain a smooth surface. This board is built to last and if cared for properly will last generations. The board measures 9 and a half inches and the box measures 11 and a half inches x 2 inches deep. Tak is a registered trademark of cheapass games and all licensing fees have been paid.