Tak box set made from black walnut, wenge,ebony,and acrylic
An exquisite tak box set.I spared no expense on this board by using some of the best hard woods on the planet. The inner 3 is alternating individual black walnut squares. The second ring is straight black walnut encasing the inner 3 and the darker brown around that is wenge. I then wrapped the playing surface with ebony and more black walnut. The keystones on the corners are wenge and ebony and add integrity to the board while adding a dramatic visual effect a key element in all my boards. The box is is made of all 3 of these hardwoods and partners perfectly with the set. Im extremely proud of my work here and have set the bar really high for myself. The diamonds are alternating rows of ebony and acrylic. I try to distinguish between each ring to avoid confusion during play. I top coated the set with semi gloss polyurethane and wet sanded to attain a smooth surface. The board measures 11 inches square and the box is 13 inches square and 2 inches deep. The game pieces are made from black walnut and birdseye maple. Tak is a registered trademark of cheapass games and all licensing fees have been paid.