Chessboard made from walnut,birdseye maple,and ebony with 2 and a quarter inch squares
Incredible board made with the finest hardwoods. I used ebony inlays between each square and raised the playing surface. The playing surface is wrapped in ebony also adding a dramatic visual. The board features 2 and a quarter inch squares made from black walnut and birdseye maple. The birdseye is full of character. The board is an absolute beauty and will be around for generations. I finished the board in semi gloss polyurethane and wet sanded to perfection. The board measures 22 and 3 quarter inches and the playing surface is 18 and 3 quarter inches. Boards of this quality sell for 800 and higher dollars at high end dealers. Ill put mine up against theirs any day for quality and craftsmanship. Game pieces are not included.