Bandsaw box made from book matched claro walnut and douglas fir
A beautiful box made of claro walnut with stunning figure. I made this box by book matching the front and back with claro walnut. Claro walnut is a species of walnut that grows on the west coast of the United States primarily northern California and Oregon. The species is known more for its lumber than its walnut yield. The lumber is diminishing in supply. The claro used here is exquisite and book matching it only adds to the character and beauty. The five drawers gives plenty of room for storing jewelry and trinkets and would look good anywhere. I finished the box in semi gloss polyurethane and wet sanded to obtain a smooth surface. The box measures 12 and 3 quarter inches tall x 7 and a quarter inches wide x 5 and a half inches deep. The drawers are felted on the bottom and sides.