Bandsaw box made from grafted claro/ english walnut,douglas fir, pine,and osb with cracked face
An extremely interesting piece of art here. I made this box with some grafted walnut that had a crack in it. Ive been wanting to create one of these for a while but was waiting for the right piece of lumber to come along. I chose a piece of grafted english/claro walnut. Grafting is when you grow one species from the trunk of another. English walnut produces a better yield and better quality walnut than claro walnut. Many walnut orchards on the west coast would graft english onto the more prevalent claro. You can see where the two come together on this piece. This is a unique piece that will require a special owner. I finished the box with enamel to add extra strength to the defect in the walnut. The box measures 12 inches wide x 7 inches tall x 5 and a quarter inches deep. The drawers on felted on the bottom and sides.