Magnetic tak set made from birdseye maple,ebony,wenge,and blue acrylic
A cool concept with incredible craftsmanship. I made this using some quality birdseye and the blue diamonds set against the lighter wood really brings this board to life. An amazing contrast! The grid lines are an ebony inlay and the keystones are wenge and birdseye. The game pieces are walnut and birdseye. The board measures 12 inches square x 2 and a quarter inches tall when opened for game play. The game pieces are stored inside the box in a felted chamber when not in use. I finished the board in semi gloss polyurethane and wet sanded for a smooth surface. This board will last lifetimes.The rare earth magnets are very strong so when opening use a sliding action. To close just think of a hard cover book. Tak is a registered trademark of cheapass games and all royalties have been paid.