3D Trivet
A beautiful dining room trivet. A conversation starter and highly durable. Chose the size that fits your needs. Each piece is 1" thick. Every piece is custom made from the wood you select. As of now, Black Walnut is the only dark wood available. For the light colors please choose either: Hickory, White Oak, or Maple. For the medium color I have: Mahogany (Genuine, Utile) or Cherry ( American, Jabota (Brazilian Cherry)). The trivet in the picture is made with Hickory, Utile Mahogany, and Black Walnut, finished only with pure Mineral Oil. Please send me a message. Each piece is unique. With custom made pieces there is always the possibility of slight color shift or grain not matching perfectly. It is what gives it character and proves that it is custom made for you. Please allow 3 weeks before shipping.