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Ours is a family business that grew out of our passion for seeing the beauty in the materials of the past. Where many would see a pile of useless old attic boards, we see old growth pine that has qualities that have literally disappeared as a result of mass deforestation. These boards previously had mundane, practical functions; but now have the potential to become a piece of furniture that is as much a work of art as it is a functional item. As often is the case, our work began as a hobby. This hobby grew out of our frustration at how most furniture today is made to be essentially disposable. A table should not be ruined from a couple years of use by children. Just because you have a family does not mean that you should have to hide a table under a table cloth, lest it be ruined. Rather, it should grow in beauty like the farm tables of the past did. So, we set out to build furniture that will withstand use by even the largest, most active families and will develop a patina of use and love, rather than becoming shabby and embarrassing.