Mini Altar in wooden box
This altar is small enough to use for travel or if you simply don't have enough room for a bigger one, and works perfect if you're still in the "broom closet" too! While not as subtle as my Altoids can, this lovely wooden chest is 2 inches by 4 inches, large enough to fit everything. You get to pick one of four finished options. Plain, symbol on top, distressed look on top, full distressed look over entire chest. You could have the distressed look(s) with or without a symbol, and you can pick another symbol than the triple moon if you'd like. Every chest's decorations are done with wood burning, and carefully created to look nicely while not preventing the chest from keeping your altar items save and secure. Each altar comes with: 1 mini wooden chest 1 white tea candle 2 wooden "strike anywhere" matches 1 Goddess OR Triple Moon figure 1 God OR Horned Moon figure 1 Clear Quartz crystal 1 set of each element figure OR triangle 1 Altar cloth The Goddess and God figures measure 1 1/2 in tall. The Triple moon is 2 in x 1 in. The Horned Moon is 1 in by 1 in. The crystal is about 1 in. Each element piece is between 1 cm and 2 cm. Lastly, the altar cloth is 5 in x 6 in. PLEASE NOTE. EACH ALTAR COMES WITH EITHER THE GODDESS/GOD FIGURES, OR TRIPLE MOON/HORNED MOON FIGURES. NOT BOTH. ALSO, YOU GET ONE OF EACH ELEMENT, EITHER THE TRIANGLE SET OR THE SHAPED SET, NOT BOTH. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE GODDESS/GOD FIGURES OR THE TRIPLE MOON/HORNED MOON FIGURES, AND IF YOU'D LIKE THE ELEMENT TRIANGLES OR SHAPES. THANK YOU. YOU MUST ALSO LET ME KNOW WHAT COLOR ALTAR CLOTH YOU WOULD LIKE, OR YOU WILL BE GIVEN ONE AT RANDOM. ALSO INCLUDE WHAT TYPE OF FINISH YOU WOULD LIKE, OF THE FOUR LISTED ABOVE. (the air and earth triangles have their necessary lines across the triangle's point, and in the shaped elements you get a flame, a cloud, a tree, and a water droplet.) As always, every item is lovingly made with positive intent and care. Before shipping, each item is cleansed and blessed so you get a perfectly ready to use item.