Protection Soap
You get two (2) bars with this listing. For bulk orders and discounted bulk prices, please message me! This soap is specially formulated to help invoke protection, and also helps rise your spiritual vibrations and energies. Aloe, which helps hydrate skin but also adds protection and luck, has been added to this soap as well. Freshly ground dragon's blood resin enhances the protection value in this soap, and will assist in raising your energy both physically and spiritually. A pinch of Freshly, finely ground anise helps stimulate psychic ability and spiritual energy, and adds to the protection factor of the other ingredients. Ground storax is also added for purification and protection. Lastly, dried and partially ground rosemary has been added both to exfoliate your skin, as well as add another layer of protective properties. The soap has a soft scent, and will leave you feeling fresh and energized while protecting you throughout your day. THIS SOAP IS GLUTEN FREE.