Deco Upcycled Vintage Lampwork Necklace
This necklace is certainly one of a kind, because it is a revival piece, meaning that this necklace is an old lampwork necklace revived. From a murano styled Aventurine glass necklace strand that had been pushed aside for many years, it was discovered and remade into a new contemporary boho inspired style. The murano styled beads are pinched on opposite planes so they appear like peanuts or double bumped beads. Someone cross-squeezed the hot glass, bead by bead. The core of the bead is white and then it was encased in a thick clear glass with aventurine sparkle (copper). The effect is like spun gold. The beads are truly unique, and I haven’t seen any more like them. The complete color palette of this necklace is very simple: white copper and black. In between each lampwork bead sit 3 large seed beads, 2 matte black beads with a shiny copper bead in the middle. Because I have not seen any beads like this before, I made the decision that these unique beads would be tied in a necklace and not strung. That way if the necklace were to break, all of the beads would not fall to the ground and bounce away. So I knotted this necklace end to end on a waxed poly cord with all of the knots hidden under the seed beads. After knotting the strand the ends were fed through guardians then double crimped the cord and knotting once again, and sealed before trimming. The clasp is a handmade copper hook, and black niobium ring. Trim around the clasp is solid copper flat patterned accent beads. Length: 21.25” Beads: 20-22mm ea Cord: 0.30 waxed black poly cord