Peach Pearl Cluster Earrings
Four pretty peach colored freshwater drop pearls have been wire wrapped in clusters that hang from copper rings in these dainty earrings. The peach drop pearls are top drilled and were wrapped in fine copper wires, to rings that are attached to anodized rose niobium handmade ear wires. The tips of the niobium ear wires were filed and smoothed for comfort of wear. Cute teeny shiny copper accent balls were added to the ear wires. Niobium is a pure metal, a mineral, the element number 41 on the periodic table. Niobium is also nice because it is lightweight, extremely strong and very hypoallergenic which means it’s great for those with sensitive skin. The color of niobium is deep gray shade which is very complimentary with a gunmetal shade. Niobium is also a highly reactive metal and when anodized with electricity, the reaction is a bright colorful spectrum that occurs as a layer (or skin). The shade of color depends upon the voltage of electricity used. Length: 1 3/8” ~35mm Drop: ~ 3/4” ~15mm Drop pearls: approx. 6x4mm