The Lotus, Padparadscha Earrings
The color of Lotus blossoms, with hues of gold, peach, pink and orange is the description of the Padparadscha sapphire. So of course, a shade that unique would be available from Swarovski Elements. Yay! Padparadscha is one of my favorite Swarovski shades (next to Golden Shadow). So it would stand to reason that I would use both of my favorite shades in these earrings. Well, here they are: Padparadscha and Golden Shadow crystals are both used to wake up the senses. The warmth of the crystals when added to the copper, both shiny and antiqued, will certainly attract attention whenever and where ever you wear them! The padparadscha crystals are pendulum cuts and made to reflect from all angles since they are free hanging and the Golden Shadow crystals are modified round shapes which ride above little copper cones and below some super shiny copper balls and accents. These Lotus earrings dangle from some of my handmade ear wires made from rose anodized niobium, so you can be assured that they will not irritate your ears. Little copper accents have been added to the earwires. Length: 1.5” Drop: 7/8” Pendulum crystals: 7mm Earwires: Niobium Anodized Rose wiresNpliers