Purpleberry in Fleece
This beautiful berry is a handmade lampwork glass bead made in Lithuania by glass artist "Rasa" of DewLampwork. A muted purple berry...What kind is it? I have no name for it so I will call it Purple Berry! If you like berries you will love this berry made by Rasa. Her berries are the best, and very realistic in appearance! This necklace reminds me of a romance language. Smooth and romantic, dark and rich, crossing boundaries . I chose to do something different than the average chained necklace, or even the not-so-average chained necklace since this berry is such a unique color. So I turned to the world of fiber, and found an artist's blend of variegated yarn which is soft and has a bit of stretch to it. In this way it can be worn up high with comfort. The yarn is hand turned and has a unique texture that caught my attention and it looked even better when I twined them into a single strand for the necklace. Black fibers run the complete length of the mixed media yarn added with fiber colors that range from a deep to a pale violet and onward in shades all the way through rose to a muted and pale red. Silver and gold 'metallics' have been woven into the fleece, so both shades blend together in harmony with the surrounding colors and textures. I chose to mix the metal shades in the same fashion. I coiled natural niobium over a sterling silver bail and continued with gold anodized niobium below that and added some shiny bronze accent beads at the clasp. Additional bronze beads also ride on each side of the necklace bail. The hooking clasp system is also niobium as are three colorful clasp rings, stacked one by one. Length: without stretching: 17.5" (44.4cm) Purple berry: 24mm x 14mm