Oceanside Bracelet  Double Link Niobium
Completely made with niobium and charms this Oceanside Bracelet is related to a nautical theme. Paua and Nacre are the featured charms of this bracelet, and the cute colored niobium links accent the wonderful color spectrum of the nacres. The nacres in this bracelet feature several types of nacre: pearl, paua, and mother of pearl. In between each nacre charm are double links of niobium in sets of black, anodized red, gold and blue and natural niobium. The focal (center charm) section of this bracelet is a beautiful paua doublet* charm. The colors are rich iridescent rainbow shades (being the nature of paua shell). Two freshwater tabbie pearls both shimmering in rich creamy white nacre frame the paua shell. At each end of the bracelet pieces of solid paua mother of pearl shell have been placed. Being solid, with both side polished, one side (internal) is rainbow, and the other side (external side) is direct mother of pearl, gold to white with the same shimmer of paua. Paua, also known as Abalone Shell, is a type of nacre that hasn’t formed around a seed or a grain of sand, so it is not round, as found in pearls. However its color range is much richer, deeper and darker with areas of extreme rainbow. Colors range from white to light tan and brown; with rich pinks, blues and greens; including silver peacock and even blackened pearl shades. Easily over marketed, it must be ethically harvested in some areas, due to its rich colors and desirability. *Paua Doublet: A doublet is a method of sandwiching two sides of a precious, though delicate, stone or shell together with a stronger inner core, usually for the purpose to creating strength and durability, that the stone or shell may lack on its own. Comfy to wear, beautiful to see and smooth to wear. The colored niobium links are alternated with black niobium links and all are doubled (and tripled next to the center paua doublet) except for the extender chain and clasp which utilizes the single black niobium a bit larger in size for the adjustment of bracelet length. Niobium is nice because it is light weight but extremely strong and it is also hypoallergenic and great for those with sensitive skin. It is highly reactive and can be anodized into different colors, depending upon the voltage used. Natural Niobium is a dull gray shade, and a wonderful shade for items that compliment a gunmetal color. My niobium links are saw cut for a flush connection. Niobium is one of the chosen metals for sensitive ears, especially nice in colors and widely used for earrings. The clasp is handmade in natural niobium, hammer hardened and the extender has a cute little iridescent bead at the tip. Length: 7.5 to almost 9” you pick the black ring for length. Paua doublet*: 16x16x4mm FW Tabbie Pearls: 7x15x3mm Paua nacre: 10x16, 11x16mm