Freezer Burn Frosty Agate Necklace
Freezer Burn is a unique frosty agate focal bead that has no polish so it really looks frozen. The agate has veins that show through the matte finish. The agate bead is bordered by two 24k gold plated disks, an elegant look for any evening. The bead chain is a mix of beautiful farfalles, frosty and matte, crystal golden and iridescent bronze. Call them butterfly beads or bow ties, either way, farfalle beads are absolutely stunning and innovative. All farfalles in this necklace are Jablonex Farfalle seed beads. 10 minutes in the freezer, and apply high to the neck, on a long hot sweltering Summer's Eve. Or, just wear this necklace and it will look as though you have been storing it in the freezer, because it is "Frosty!" It reminds me of the very first layer of frosty ice that forms on a very cold night, the very same night we dream about in the midst of Summer when the temperature is still 85 degrees and it’s already midnight. This necklace has a matching handmade wire wrapped and forged clasp and ring set. Length: ~15.75" (40cm) All metals are 14/20 gold fill including crimps, crimp covers, wire guardians, and handmade matching clasp and ring set. Strung on .015 beadalon for strength and drape. wiresNpliers