Scenic Jasper Timberline Copper Necklace
This Scenic Jasper Necklace is named Timberline. Scenic Jasper is a perfect stone to use as many times the strata depicts a scene of mountains, deserts, water, or whatever the mind sees (which is why I collect it). This stone comes from my collection of “Story Stones” which were chosen because of the images on the surface. I see pictures on them and I love to adorn them in ways that allow the “pictures” I see to be told in the language of jewelry. This particular piece of scenic jasper shows a cliff of granite, a sheer wall of stone that looms high above the tree line, the point of altitude from which trees no longer grow, and no soil remains to hold roots. Scenic jasper is a metamorphic rock, one that has been pushed up from below ground and just like the picture on this stone it might actually have been part of a sheer wall of stone itself at one time long before erosion delivered it to our hands in the shape of a bead! Scenic jasper can depict beautiful scenes when it is sliced, cut and polished. This is a long necklace that can be doubled if desired, or worn in any design you can dream up with its hook clasp. The hook can actually be used in more than just the pick-up ring. The clasp is connected to the necklace with a rosary styled bow wrap. Copper was chosen for this stone because of the metal’s warm rosy color in relation to the stone’s mineral composition. The copper was cold forged for the bail and clasp, they were filed, sanded and etched in an artisan style, and finally an application of Renaissance Wax was applied before being added to the copper rolo chain. Segmented into the rolo chain, matching scenic jasper beads accented by copper doo-dads were added. This is an asymmetric necklace in that the clasp is on the side, and with an uneven amount of beads. The pendant rides on chain freely between two beads making it adjustable for different styles of wear. Length: 32.75” Pendant drop: 2.5” Clasp: 1 3/8” Stones: Scenic Jasper - Pendant stone 36x45mm; Scenic Jasper Tube beads 12x8mm (with cones 5.5cm) Renaissance Wax: A treatment of Renaissance Surface cleaner, followed by a coat of Renaissance Polish Wax, a museum grade restoration and protecting wax has been applied to the hook clasp after etched, sanding, and polishing. Other than wax polish, no other coating has been applied and the hook clasp will patina naturally. wiresNpliers