Carnelian Super Gemstone Pendant  Boho  Statement Necklace
This warm reddish brown carnelian boho necklace features a magnanimous piece of carnelian set in antiqued brass. The cut is a round piece, very thick and yet the sunlight can still be seen through it when it is held up to view. This stone features a tube bail which has a bezeled turquoise accent on the front side. Carnelian is a form of Chalcedony (jasper) quartz. It ranges in shade from brown to a golden orange shade with the shade of ochre being one of the more prevalent hues. Carnelian is one of the oldest gemstones and protective stones in history. Carnelian is one of the oldest stones used in jewelry dating back to 3000 BCE and was found in Egyptian tombs. Carnelian was called the "Stone of Life" in Ancient Egypt. Those that believe is a stone’s healing properties say that carnelian enhances your creativity, individuality and courage, and protects from anger, jealousy and fear. They say that carnelian brings good luck and helps to fulfill goals and desires. It helps to ease and remove sorrow and is a great stone for stabilizing energies in the home. The chain on this statement necklace is a bow chain, all bows made from brass and wound by hand then each bow is connected to one another by black niobium rings. Each black connecting ring has a matte turquoise Czech bead on one side and a dark metallic bronze miyuki bead on the opposite side and each link alternates their positioning. The chain is as big as the carnelian pendant, and that means it’s…humongous! This necklace is a long necklace (opera length) and features a handmade anodized niobium hook connecting clasp. Length: 29” Bow links: ~1 “ Carnelian Pendant: 1 7/8” (4.8cm), approx 10mm thick Turquoise: 4mm