Rain Dance Hanging Droplet Earrings
Faceted blue quartz and opalite colored druk beads dangle from anodized niobium earwires. Chains with droplets hang below each blue quartz stone. The blue quartz stones (which may actually be glass) glow with translucency, and this set of rain dance earrings is meant to honor the drought stricken regions that beg for any amount of rain that can be mustered up for their gardens and the water table. The blue quartz (glass) has soft facets which reflect nicely and have a soft glow to them, and the above each opalite druk bead an antiqued brass cap rides on top. Each earring has 2 drawn cable link chains, each holding a transparent droplet. Length: 2 3/4” Drop: 2 1/8” Blue stones: 8x10mm Oplaite druk: 6mm Droplet ~4x6mm