Pink and White Pearl and Crystal Necklace
For the Princess in your life…. Pink and White are classic colors to keep a Princess satisfied, this crystal and pearl Tin Cup (floating bead) necklace and fitting for the Princess, gold accents complete the effect.. The pearls are pretty white button pearls, top drilled so that they drop below the thread, with the pink crystals knotted in line. The pink and white jewels consist of white top drilled button pearls, round in shape and which have been knotted a bit looser than classic pearls in order to be allowed to fall downward from the silk, in true drop styling. The pink crystals are Swarovski (of course) Crystal Element bicones, in the shade of rose, a bit darker than the standard light pink usually seen. Double sets of tru-cut gold charlotte beads ride on each side of the pearls and crystals, and add a great effect to the whole strand. The strand is pure silk in pink, knotted in stations with gaps of between 1/2” and 5/8” on Griffin silk, with "ClassicTin Cup" floating bead design lines. All together, the pink silk, pink crystals, white pearls, and the gold accents make this necklace fit for the princess in your life, whether it be someone else, or you! The clasp is 14kgf spring ring and all components on this dainty necklace are 14kgf. Length: 18.75” Pearls: creamy white round button drop pearls, top drilled. Swarovski Crystal elements: rose shade 4mm ★Tin cup necklaces get their name from a Kevin Kostner movie named Tin Cup where the necklace style was showcased on the star Rene Russo. Similar to an illusion necklace which uses a filament suspension giving the appearance that pearls are floating on the neck, tin cup is a suspended bead style that uses a visible silk, with beads knotted in place (stations) along the strand. The silk thread is usually in pale skin or neutral tones, but they are just as beautiful in any color especially black. Tin Cup beaded necklaces are also referred to as floating bead necklaces. wiresNpliers