Ess Curve Spiral and Chrome Diopside Gemstone Pendant Necklace
Bent and battered, this sterling silver Ess Curve necklace is shaped into a spiral, which some refer to as one of the natural shapes in existence or life shape. Many kinds of artistic spirals are known, the first dating from the days of ancient Greece. The spiral curves are even observed in nature (think galaxies, nautilus, shell, snail, and even some horn and antlers) and almost every single artisan jeweler has experienced a spiral somewhere in their past and even current lives. When I was finished bending and battering, I liked the S spiral but it seemed to be missing something. So I looked through my drawer and there was a little baggie sitting there winking at me like a green eyed cat….. And green it was; green as grass! What’s more green than grass? Chrome Diopside! Chrome diopside gets its color from chromium, but unfortunately, chromium isn’t readily found in large amounts so pieces are usually rather small. It’s a beautiful stone, chrome diopside, is usually found in igneous rocks and sometimes in metamorphics stone, too. Chrome diopside can be found dispersed near kimberlite pipes, and if you know anything about diamonds, they are also in kimberlite pipes, so when chrome diopside is found, miners know that the presence of diamonds might be close at hand. They are usually found in in Canada, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, and a wide variety of other locations, including the USA. My chrome diopside pieces are from Russia. So, hanging from the Ess Curve is a tumbled bead of transparent chrome diopside in a beautiful rich green. There is nothing else like chrome diopside! Bending and battering: Thick silver wire, 16g, was shaped and hammer hardened then finished with a hammered texture, and of course, Renaissance Wax. This Ess Curve is on a slide knotted black cord attached by a ring, but can easily be added to a chain. Ess Curve Pendant: 2 1/8th 5.8cm Chrome diopside: 4x8mm Adjustable cordage: approx 1.5wide and 23.5” long wiresNpliers