Lapis Delicate Pendant Necklace
This delicate royal lapis solitaire teardrop is only adorned with a cap to dress it in a simple necklace form. A mini copper colored rolo chain with an adorned spring clasp has been added to keep it plain and simple, dainty and feminine. It resonates with a rich deep royal blue shade, not to be mistaken as the denim shade. A rich blue, this lapis is flecked with pyrite and comes from Afghanistan or Myanmar, and has a rich position in history. One of the first gemstones worn as jewelry; its history can be traced back to King Tutankhamen and they say that Cleopatra ground lapis and used it as eye shadow! In the past it has been used as protection and even treasured higher than gold. Known as a Royal stone only for Kings and Queens; be the Queen, go ahead, you have earned your reign! Spiritually, it has been said that lapis lazuli is a very powerful stone, symbolizing inspiration and wisdom, and should be used with care (because you do not want to be too smart for your own good). They say meditating with it opens the mind and allows for free and clear thinking. It relates to spiritual love and integrity and it purifies the mind, allowing truthfulness openness, and increased intuition. Lapis is considered a birthstone for December. Lapis is one of my favorite gemstones that I love to collect. Length: Almost 17” Lapis Pendant: 42mm wiresNpliers