Titanium Aura Pyramid Point Beaded Cobalt Pendant Necklace
A nighttime (or anytime) necklace, this pyrite druzy point is not a common shape to find. The titanium* aura appearance is beautifully displayed with all the cleavage angles that the pyrite naturally displays. Pyrite druzy (fool's gold) is the base stone for this rough point with titanium anodizing. The point is a natural shape pyramid, and with the titanium coating, every single angle shows a different metallic colored shade. This treatment has several names to it the most common is probably Titanium Aura. Colors are produced with electrical voltage. Titanium aura can be found on many different surfaces such as quartz crystals and other surfaces. When you flip this beautiful point over, it reveals a completely different landscape on the opposite side (see above image, split screen). This titanium pyrite pendant has been added to a patterned beaded chain of cobalt blue 4mm beads and iridescent seed beads. The hook clasp is handmade from pure bronze wire. This necklace has been double crimped on 47 strand cord for strength, and bronze accents have been added near the clasp. The clasp is linked with hearty anodized niobium links for strength. Length: 21" Titanium (aura) Crystal: 22x10mm *titanium aura is a trade name, is not to be confused with the pure metal Titanium, Ti in solid form. Titanium aura is a titanium electro plating, meaning titanium is plated over another unrelated surface. Titanium, the pure metal can be anodized directly with electrical heat resulting in colors that are softly muted in hue.