Double Link Straight 2 in 2 Handmade Chain Lampwork Bead Necklace
This dark and mysterious double link (also called straight 2 in 2) handmade chain necklace features 2 of our greatest metals: titanium and niobium. Pairs of black niobium links meet pairs of anodized (colored) titanium links, color matched as close as possible in various shades of green, red, blue, violet, and gold shades. The links alternate between the black and colored and extend for the length of this necklace. Unlike anodized niobium which has brilliant color shades, the shades of anodized titanium are muted and softer in color depth. In other words, where Niobium might appear kissed by the Sun with its bright cheery shades of anodized colors, titanium is just the opposite. Its anodized colors are more muted and appear as if they are kissed by the moon. Suspended along the length of the chain are 5 unique and beautiful handmade lampwork beads, also dark and yet colorful in nature. These lampwork beads were made by Susan of NewCreation Beads. Each lampwork bead has a blend of colors: blue, green, and purples, and then they were encased in transparent lavender shade of glass, which makes the beads look watery and glistening, as if just lifted up from the watery depths into the moonlight and the night’s air. What make this necklace "PoP" are the bright gold accents that border each lampwork bead and at the clasp and tip of the necklace extender. The golden bead caps are gold plated lead-free pewter and they have a hammered texture. The Necklace extender is 2 in 1 chain, all black niobium in larger links for adjustable lengths. The clasp is 19g anodized peacock blue niobium shaped and hammered into a hook clasp. Another great feature of niobium and titanium is that they are both great for those that have metal allergic reactions. Length: 17 ½” Necklace extender: 1 ½” Lampwork beads –6x9mm blue, green, lavender and purple.