Pencil Bead Necklace featuring India Glass
This necklace was made with beads imported directly from India, via an Artist colleague that resides in New Delhi. Each glass bead is unique, and even though they are sets each one has its own individualized painting and designs. Colors were chosen at random with the only exception being that they did not repeat or alternate. Each bead is approximately one inch, with some shorter and some longer. Twenty one beads in total, and each is separated by copper accents and a #1 black seed bead (yes that’s right, a #1 seed bead. That’s means it’s about 6mm!) The pencil beads appear to be pressed glass beads as there is some evidence of tool marks left over from their molten state. This is a knotted necklace meaning that between each bead there is a knot to secure it (like a strand of pearls knotted in silk); and if the necklace were to break, only one set of beads might be lost, rather than a whole string if beads being unloaded off the line. Natural colored waxed polycord was used for strength and for longevity, and to yield bulk to this necklace fill any gap from loose beads. One touch is all you need, and you’ll know the feeling of a well-constructed necklace. This necklace has no clasp, just a large black niobium ring that separates two copper colored cones. It was made to go over the head; however, if requested, a clasp is as easy to add as 1 - 2 – 3. (A clasp will be necessary for this necklace to be worn doubled as a choker or collar necklace.) Length: 28.5” Contact wiresNpliers for clasp information.