Stealth, Black Agate Camo Choker Necklace
Camouflage colors of black, gray, olive and brown surround a soft faceted black agate, holding the gemstone in a solitary grip. Black niobium rings suspend it from the ample black cord of approx. 4mm in width. This beautiful black agate has been wire wrapped in natural niobium and suspended from the cord by black niobium rings. Multi colored buna rings (in a jungle camouflage palette) have been used as brakes for the gemstone, to maintain positioning along the cord. Simple, fun, and industrial, yet elegant in appearance, this necklace is a long choker length and rides at the base of the neck. The black wrapped cord that has a loop and monkey-paw clasp knotted design, for easy on and off access. Length: 16 3/8” Black agate Gemstone: 30x22mm Drop: 1.25” (34mm)