Special Edition Rainbow Twist Implosion Glass Choker Necklace
This Special Edition Spiral Pendant is a one of a kind unique rainbow display of Designer Implosion Glass, handmade by our local glass artist Conan of “The Pendant Collection.” Conan used a spectrum of colors and created this beautiful rainbow colored spiral over a deep cobalt-violet base (which actually appears black in some lights). Its fluid design can be observed by the backward motion of the glass pendant as it folds into its own invisible bail which holds the thick black cord. This is truly a collection item for the glass lover. What is Implosion Glass? Working with molten glass the artist uses techniques only known to them, along with the combinations of colors and to create one-of- a-kind unique pieces of artwork! Shaping is all done under the torch and items are then annealed in digital kilns that strengthen the glass. The cord is a black cloth wrapped cord of approximately 4mm in width. The pendant has been stabilized in the center by black buna rings. Buna rings are also used for holding the silver decorated beads and metallic turquoise ring accents which flank the pendant on both sides maintaining its position along the cord. Buna rings and accents are removable for a more minimalist effect, if desired. This necklace is meant to at a low choker position, at or just below the hollow of the neck and features a loop and monkey-paw knotted clasp design. Length 16 3/8” (41.6cm) Designer Pendant 35x22mm