Tear Drop Rhodonite Gemstone Choker
Simple, yet elegant this gemstone choker will be a delight with its muted pink and pale tan shades with the traditional black streaks running through it. The black mineral streaks that criss-cross the face of this stone makes it look like black branches of a tree against a pink sky. Rhodonite is found all over the world from Australia, and Brazil, to the Ural Mountains of Russia. Russian royals wore lavish rhodonite jewelry, and it is a favorite for carving, and is also associated with spiritual healing assisting in emotional wellbeing. This delightful rhodonite gemstone has been cut and polished into a large smooth domed teardrop with a flattened backside, and it hangs from black niobium double links attached to the black cloth wrapped cord. The teardrop rhodonite pendant is held in a stationary position by black buna rings, (buna ringa are removable, if desired). The cord is 4mm wide and has a loop and is equipped with a monkey-paw knotted clasp system. The gemstone pendant is of choker length. Length: 16 3/8” Rhodonite teardrop: 1 3/4" x 1 ¼” (4.5 x 3cm) Pendant drop from cord: ~2 3/8” (6cm)