Lampwork Vertebrae Glass Choker Necklace
Handmade Boro Encased Blue Vertebrae Lampwork glass in a spiral pattern, by SRA Artisan PowersArtGlass, this pretty blue bead was capped at both ends, in buna cushioned copper (leave no marks) and then ‘enchained’ and suspended from triple rings at the neckline. The Vertebrae bead, to me, is reminiscent of a helix frozen in ice worn as an amulet, like life in a capsule. The mix of copper and blue make this necklace stand out, and the combination of elements like a beautiful contradiction, the light and dark, the cool and warm, the static and stasis all cause a thought provoking stir from within. The “neckline” is a bound cord, in black, wrapped and smooth at about 4mm round, comfy to wear, easy to add and remove. The suspended bead is free to travel the length of the cord, yet not escape the end, unless mild strength is incurred over the loop and monkey-paw knotted clasp. This pretty encased vertebrae bead is suspended on rolo chain with three anodized blue violet niobium rings. Buna rings and in bead caps to cushion contact surfaces. This necklace is a comfort to wear, and since it rides high as a long choker, it is easily visible with its “eye catching” pendant. Length: 16.25” Charm (incl bead): 2.25”