Sonora Jasper Gemstone Choker Necklace
Simple, plain, and yet compelling at first glance, this natural Sonoran Sunrise Jasper gemstone has a base of muted pinks and yellows and the occasional veins of deeper red tones running through it. It has been cut into a modified shield shape and smoothed and polished on both sides. It dangles on a single black niobium link, which hangs from a thick cord choker necklace. When viewing this necklace what the eye sees is the pretty gemstone on black, the perfect complimentary color for its pink, yellow, and red tones. Sonora Sunrise Jasper comes directly from the Earth in bright shades of green, black, red, yellow and orange and all the shades in between. They can be layered, swirled, mottled and in any design. Because of the underground heat and pressure the molten minerals will start to striate and as they cool patterns will be seen depending upon the mineral base present in the stone. Sonora Sunrise Jasper is popular with gemstone healers as a cleansing stone, an aura stabilizer, and an energy balancing stone. The choker necklace cord is a black wrapped cloth cord with a loop and monkey-paw knotted clasp. Length: 16.25” Sonora Jasper: 1.25”x .75” (31x19mm)