Cobalt Blue Tube Dread Bead Choker Necklace
This beautiful “Holloware” (hollow-ware) cobalt blue tube bead is actually a dreadlock bead that was made into a necklace, so, in a way, you get two items together with this necklace! This dreadlock bead is a hand blown bead, a Holloware bead, created by a local Glass Artist “Todd” from Infinite Cosmos. The cobalt blue glass color has gold metallic bands running around one side of it. Silver spacer trimmed tube beads accent the Dreadlock bead, which is held stationary by buna rings. This Dreadlock bead is a holloware bead with large holes, made for hair tresses, but also useable as a pendant bead or whatever your heart desires! This Dreadbead is held stationary by variable sizes of buna rings, with silver accented tube beads, which are removable, if desired. This is a two-in-one necklace, the Dreadbead can be easily removed and wrapped into your dreads and then you still have a cord necklace in which you can add another bead! The necklace cord is choker length, black wrapped cloth cord of about 4mm in width, and has a loop and monkey-paw knotted clasp. Length: 16.25” (41.2cm) Dreadlock bead: Length: 1 3/8”(36mm) x.5/8” (16mm), hole size: 7mm