Royal Blue Candy Jade Black Choker Necklace
Royal Blue Candy Jade, the perfect necklace for every type of situation, from casual to evening wear, including Holiday wear. Candy Jade, in Royal Blue, has been drilled and polished in a Euro cut (donut), having a larger center hole that allows more freedom to use with larger cord necklaces. The depth and texture of this piece of jade has a nice rich dark royal blue shade. Candy Jade is a hard white Chinese jade that has gone through a complex color enhancing process that saturates the stone from surface to center. It is unique and well loved by many beaders due to its hardness, versatility, and great coloring. This stone is flanked by silver patterned tube spacers and dual blue accents, and it rests in a stationary position at the center of the cord by buna rings. This necklace has accents of metallic turquoise and royal blue square saw-cut rings held in place by black buna rings of various sizes and used as brakes for the gemstone, to maintain positioning along the cord. The cord is a thick black wrapped cloth cord at choker length, approximately 4mm in width, with a loop and monkey-paw knotted clasp system. Length: 16 5/8” CandyJade: 14x8mm ID ~5mm